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Combine nodes and layers in After Effects:

→ Visually blend your elements together using nodes

→ Adjust time and duration using After Effects' layers

Create and composite

Create nodes and merge them together to create beautiful shots.

Group and organize

Easily keep your graph organized with node groups!

Add multiple graphs

Create multiple graphs within a same After Effects project file.


Access the tutorials for free, and see by yourself the magic of node compositing in After Effects!


Don't miss anything and access to the full documentation!

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  • Free

  • No time limited
  • Limited to 1 graph per project file
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  • *Saved projects are locked until a license
    is purchased
  • Premium

  • $149

  • ✔ Permanent license
  • ✔ Unlimited graphs per project file
  • ✔ Learning center (sample AE projects
    made with Magic Nodes)
  • ✔ 1 year free maintenance*
    $69/year maintenance after 1st year
  • ⋆Maintenance includes upgrades and new features!
    Unsubscribe at any time


  • $89

  • Permanent license
  • Limited to 5 graphs per project file
  • Only corrective updates

Already got a basic license, and want to upgrade?

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  • $69/year maintenance after 1st year
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1. What are the system requirements?

Magic Nodes is compatible starting from After Effects 2017, Mac and Windows.

2. What is a permanent license ?

A permanent license grants you a lifetime access to the version of Magic Nodes you bought.

Your license key will never expire!

3. What if I cancel my maintenance subscription ?

When you cancel your subscription, your license key will remain active.

However, you will instantly loose access to any updates of Magic Nodes and the sample projects.



  • 2.0.1: FIXEDFixed LayerComposite plugin rendering black in After Effects 2023 & 2024
  • ADDEDMulti-graphs per project file
  • ADDEDNode groups: keep your graph organized!
  • ADDEDAdded compatibility with 3D layers and 3D cameras
  • ADDEDAdded option to disable nodes in a graph
  • ADDEDAdded color picker for solid nodes
  • ADDEDAdded support for multi-frame rendering
  • ADDEDSmart connect: automatically connects a path to the closest input of a node
  • ADDEDAdded full online documentation
  • IMPROVEDNow able to select multiple nodes by clicking + dragging the mouse
  • FIXEDFixed cloning graph does not clone merge node attributes
  • FIXEDFixed nodes not placed correctly when zooming in/out


  • 1.5.4: FIXEDFixed nodes' connections not updated correctly when zooming in or out
  • 1.5.3: FIXEDFixed merge node's preview behavior
  • 1.5.2: IMPROVEDNow able to drag connections out of nodes
  • 1.5.1: FIXEDFixed middle mouse button not working to pan graph
  • ADDEDShortcuts: speed up your node compositing workflow!
  • ADDEDDot connection nodes: improve the readability of your compositing graphs!
  • ADDEDGraph duplication: clone whole graphs easily!
  • IMPROVEDAutomatic project configuration according to first media imported into the graph
  • IMPROVEDEasier to see to what type of elements a node is connected to, when you hover it
  • IMPROVEDEasier to grab scroll bar on drop downs
  • FIXEDFixed merge nodes not able to see a trimmed layer
  • FIXEDFixed pure white solids not visible in comp
  • FIXEDFixed LayerComposite plugin not working on Mac due to security issues


  • 1.0.7: FIXEDFixed "Leaked Effects Refs" error when closing After Effects
  • 1.0.6: ADDEDNow able to use normal layers' controls (position/scale...) instead of the transform effect
  • 1.0.5: FIXEDFixed an issue, which prevented Magic Nodes from opening after license registration
  • 1.0.4: FIXEDFixed an issue, which asked users to enter license credentials on each launch
  • 1.0.3: FIXEDFixed After Effects not recognizing the LayerComposite plugin on M1 macs
  • 1.0.2: IMPROVEDAdded permissions check to write files on disk
  • 1.0.1: FIXEDFixed an issue, which prevented the creation of nodes on non-english After Effects instances